ADEL Holding is a group of companies working in different business fields: construction, logistics, real estate, trade, distribution and marketing and advertising.

Social responsibility

ADEL Holding as a socially responsible company, within its possibilities, tries to contribute more efficiently and fundamentally to the specific needs of the community and thus actively contribute to the development of the Republic of Macedonia, by preserving moral values, as well as culture and society as a whole.

We, as social entrepreneurs, are guided by our mission. Our mission is to continually improve social values ​​in the society, develop innovation and transparence by planning and implementing strategies to gain income. The goal is to implement the desired social value while achieving self-sufficiency.


As dedicated leaders in creating social values, we are dedicated in overcoming obstacles and endless challenges through the ability to motivate target groups, team members, investors and other stakeholders. We take initiatives, create social entrepreneurial ideas, create and start our own venture with exceptions, and this makes us different. Everyone is good at something. Encouraging and creating opportunities for success is extremely important for shaping personality and tolerance towards risk.


We are a socially responsible company with principles and standards. We care for our workforce and the environment, but we are also committed to the social and economic development of the region where we work.

  • The respect for our employees is a fundamental principle. We strive to provide them a safe and healthy working environment in which they can work productively.
  • We want to work with companies that share the same standards of business ethics: equal opportunities for work, respect for the workforce, safe and non-discriminatory working environment, respect the law, exclusion of child labor, care for the society and protection of the environment, etc.
  • We support non-profit organizations and foundations, as well as schools, orphanages, museums and theaters.
  • We support projects for the development of education, culture and sports.
  • We contribute in improving the living conditions of socially endangered people and families.
  • Further promotion of business ideas through institutions that support youth entrepreneurship.