In 2020 we began a comprehensive restructuring of Adel Holding and all other Group companies. The changes included reorganization to the management structure, operations, marketing and development strategy of the company.

At the conclusion of the restructuring strated in 2020, we have desided to change the parent company name from Adel Holding to Eurovia Holding (Group Of Companies) from 28 August, 2020.

The main reason for this decision was create continuity with the names of subsidiary companies which in all cases are associated with the name ‘Eurovia’ , a name which is well known in our market. Also through this change we want to strengthen our identity as a Group and to create a clear differentiation in the market.

We continue to remain the same Group. With the same activities, with the same people, who share the same principles and values but under a new name that unifies and clearly identifies us in the marketplace.

Best regards,
The Eurovia Group